For Clients

Why Use Cambridge for Your Search?

  1. Better Market Knowledge
    For twenty-five years, Cambridge has sourced top talent in a very narrow slice of the market: ingredients and raw materials for the chemical, food, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. Our market knowledge is deep and our database is extensive and highly specialized. We accept only searches that fit within our unique area of expertise, so targeted candidates are identified more quickly: over 90% of candidates presented to our clients are selected for interview.The Result: A more efficient, cost-effective search for our clients.
  2. Better Candidates
    The Cambridge detailed screening process starts with listening to both clients and candidates. Before beginning a search we learn a great deal more than the basic specs of the job. First, we gain a thorough understanding of the management style, company vision, and corporate culture of our clients. Then we identify candidates who have not only the skills and experiences for the job, but also the character and ambition to match our clients. In this way, we save our clients time and money by presenting only candidates who can both perform the job well and contribute to the growth and health of the company long-term.The Result: The best talent pool for our clients.
  3. Better Service
    A Cambridge search involves extraordinary client service. We never send a resume without first thoroughly screening a candidate for qualifications and interest. We provide detailed information about each candidate well beyond what is included on a resume. This includes candidate motivation, compensation, and any concerns we can identify. We provide additional support for the process, including scheduling interviews, booking travel, performing background checks, degree verification, and references upon request. The Result: Time and cost savings for our clients.